Noble Gold vs Birch Gold vs Goldco 2024 | Side by Side Comparison

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Comparing companies head-to-head can be a great way to determine which is the right one for you. Perhaps the only thing better is pitting three companies against each other. That’s exactly what I did with a recent article comparing Lear Capital, Rosland Capital, and Goldco. 

With Goldco coming out the winner in that review, I wanted to put it up against a couple other worthy competitors, Noble Gold and Birch Gold Group. All three of these companies are great at what they do, but one of them has to come out the winner, and in this review, we’ll find out which it is. 

If you have other questions, check out my list of the Top 5 Gold IRA companies, which gives a breakdown of each firm with full Pros and Cons.

Where All Three Companies Excel

Birch Gold Group, Noble Gold, and Goldco are all excellent companies in their own rights. In fact, all of them appear on my Best list. So it’s worth noting that all three of them can help you in some key and fundamental areas.

All Three Can Help You Diversify

Owning gold has some very straightforward benefits: gold is a hedge against inflation; it’s a bulwark against the ups and downs of the stock-market; and it can provide your portfolio with one more level of security beyond stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Goldco, Birch, and Noble can help you gain that diversification in your retirement or physical assets, an increasingly important element for any investor.

All Three Can Secure Your Assets

It’s worth noting that not every gold IRA company has the same level of security and insurance. But these three companies can provide you with the peace of mind that your gold will arrive at your custodian’s or your location safe, secure, and insured. 

These safeguards are important whether you are interested in owning physical gold or in a precious metals IRA. No matter what, these companies have your back.

All Three Can Help With Small Investments

Something that I don’t like seeing is a high barrier to entry. Some Gold IRA companies have as high as a $50,000 minimum investment. With Goldco, Birch, and Noble, you can get started with as little as a $10,000 rollover from your existing IRA or 401(k).

Before we continue...

We have worked very hard to review, research and reveal the most important pieces of information that investors need to know before investing their money. We have been able to narrow a list down to the top 5 gold IRA companies.

I recommend you check the list before proceeding with any IRA transfer.

Quick answer: Augusta Precious Metals is our #1 recommendation for multiple reasons, including their
A+ BBB rating, thousands of top rankings, and Money magazine’s selection of them as “Best Gold IRA Company.” PLUS, they will pay all custodial and storage fees for up to 10 years!

Where Each One Specializes

I only recommend full-service gold IRA companies. That means that all three of them can help you set up a brand new IRA, or roll one over. And all three of them can set up a physical gold purchase. But there are differences in how well they do these things.

Noble Gold’s Specialty–and Biggest Drawback

Noble gold has always had my vote for the best physical gold provider for the savvy investor. Not only do they provide .9999 fine gold and other precious metals, delivered safely and securely to any location in the US, but they make the buying process easy and approachable.

First things first, Noble understands why you might want physical gold in your possession. They call their investment packages “Royal Survival Packs” because they know that if you ever do need gold–not want, but need–then you don’t want to have to shave slivers off of a giant bar. Their packages start at $10,000 and come in denominations of coins and bars that can meet any eventuality.

The biggest drawback for Noble is that they only list IRA options for Gold and Silver, though you can take physical delivery of platinum and palladium.

Birch Gold Group’s Specialty–and Drawbacks

What I love most about Birch Gold is their diversity of offerings. Where Noble Gold focuses on the home delivery of precious metals, Birch wants you to have access to every IRS approved metal as an IRA investment.

Through their simple IRA process, you can invest in any approved palladium, platinum, gold, or silver, and arrange to have it stored against your future withdrawal. This means that at any time you can take advantage of an ever-changing precious metals market. Whether you want to grab a sagging platinum coin, or divest of surging gold, you can do so with ease and certainty.

If there’s a drawback to Birch, it’s their fee structure. They charge near the upper end to get set up, around $280. It’s nice, though, that their fee structure is readily available, as some companies try to hide these prices. If you want to learn more about Birch, check out my full review.

Goldco’s Specialty–and Drawback

There is a lot to love about Goldco, from outstanding customer reviews to their endorsements by trusted public figures. But if I had to narrow it down to one thing they do better than the other two companies in this comparison, I’d say it’s their Buyback Guarantee.

If you’re not familiar with a buy back, it’s the mechanism that allows you to quickly divest of your gold or silver in case of an emergency. Goldco knows that life moves pretty fast, and sometimes you need to liquidate an investment as soon as possible to meet an unexpected medical, car, or home repair bill.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get cash for an investment that’s tied to an IRA, or to find a qualified buyer for your physical gold or silver. With Goldco, they’ve created a buy-back system where they will give you top dollar for your precious metals if the unforeseen events arise.

My only quibble with Goldco is that their fee structure can be difficult to nail down, largely because the prices vary based on your level of investment. If you’d like to know more about Goldco, I encourage you to read my dedicated review of them.

Who Wins?

In order to find out the Overall Winner, I took a look at some key aspects of the Gold IRA and physical Gold investment cycle, and looked at which company does it best.

Physical Gold Winner: 
Noble Gold

Noble Gold is the clear winner for purchasing precious metals for physical investment and emergency purposes. By setting up curated investment packages, they take all the guesswork out of the process. And if you’re investing with specific needs in mind, you can work with a representative to find the product mix that works best for you.

Gold IRA and Rollover Winner: Goldco

Engineers say the Golden Rule is to Keep It Simple. Fitting that Goldco does just that. Their easy, 1-2-3 process can get you set up to invest in a Gold or Silver IRA in no time. And because they’ve focused primarily on the most sought-after gold and silver, you know your investments with them will stand the test of time and turbulent markets.

Customer Satisfaction Winner: Goldco

It would be one thing if it were just their Buy Back Guarantee, but Goldco is also active in customer retention and resolution on the major reporting sites, like for the Better Business Bureau. Goldco not only responds to customer complaints, but they reach out to the consumer and try to make things right. That’s a level of service we don’t see everyday.

Overall Winner: Goldco

From ease of use to customer service, from tailoring their gold and silver selection to the best on the market to their celebrity endorsements, Goldco checks every box. In a head-to-head-to-head with Birch and Noble, Goldco gets the nod.

I must add that this doesn’t mean that Noble or Birch aren’t also fantastic. If you're in the market for specifically physical precious metals, or a palladium IRA, then you might want to check them out, instead. But for a strictly Gold or Silver IRA, Goldco is the winner.


Does Goldco Have Any Platinum/Palladium IRAs?

Not at this time. Goldco has prioritized high-performing and more safe investments. By dealing primarily in Gold and Silver, they can better curate their selection. It’s a “quality not quantity” approach.

What If I Already Have an IRA?

Excellent! Then you’re already looking to the future. You can contact any of these companies to either split some of your funds off into a Gold IRA, or simply start a second (or even third) account.

Are All Gold Coins IRA Compatible?

No, they’re not! A good company will always show you right on the page if a coin or bar is IRS approved to be held in an IRA. All three of these companies are very clear about which of their offerings are compatible.

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