Lexington Law Review 2022 | Fees, Complaints & More

If you have a poor credit score, Lexington Law can repair it. Lexington Law offers credit repair services to help remove inaccurate information affecting your credit score. 

This review looks at Lexington Law's features, plans, fees, and more.

Background of the Company

John C. Heath, a leading attorney at law, founded Lexington Law in 2004. Based out of North Salt Lake, Utah, Lexington Law has another office in Tucson, Arizona. It provides services designed to remove negative items from your credit report. Over the last year, they deleted over 1 million unfavorable marks from clients' reports.

Lexington Law's Reputation, Complaints & Ratings

Lexington Law has 192 reviews on Consumer Affairs, with an average rating of 4.3/5. From 496 reviews on Trustpilot, it garnered a 3.8/5 average rating. Nearly 8 out of 10 (79%) reviewers gave it outstanding ratings. Many clients praised how Lexington Law helped them repair their credit.

Although Lexington Law provides a wide range of credit repair services with favorable feedback, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has received customer complaints against the company. These include unclear and high prices, and difficulties in having some entries deleted from their credit reports.

Lexington Law has a C rating from the BBB, which has yet to accredit the company. Most complaints come from consumers who felt the business promised outcomes. However, since every credit issue is distinct, the company never guarantees anything.

What credit repair services do they offer? 

Lexington Law offers tier-based programs depending on the credit repair you require. Its Concord Standard plan can help people who may need a little support, while its Concord Premier and Premier Plus plans can serve those who require more substantial assistance. Even if you don't see results at first, you’re assured that work has started.

The services included with each plan are listed below, along with more information on each service:


In a 45- to 60-day cycle, Lexington Law may send up to 19 credit dispute letters to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. To assist in arriving at a resolution, it can send a dispute letter to each credit bureau if it discovers inaccurate or out-of-date information in the financial reports.

Creditor intervention

As a client of Lexington Law, you will receive creditor assistance or creditor intervention. They will communicate with your creditors as part of this service to assist you with specific credit concerns, like late payments or debt validation.

If you've recently experienced financial difficulty, Lexington Law might send a goodwill letter requesting that a lender stop reporting late payments. They might also send a debt validation letter to help verify a loan that a debtor thinks is false. In addition to sending a cease-and-desist letter to creditors, Lexington Law may ask them to stop harassing you about the loan.

Inquiry assistance

You can receive assistance with incorrect or out-of-date hard inquiries on your credit reports through Lexington Law's Inquiry Help program.

On your behalf, the corporation will contest dubious hard inquiries.

Insurance on identity theft

Identity theft happens frequently and can seriously harm your credit. As an additional layer of security, Lexington Law offers identity theft insurance, which covers up to $25,000 in coverage, round-the-clock tracking, and real-time alerts.

Service for managing debt  

If you have a credit card, student loan, or medical debt, Lexington Law's debt management program might be able to help you create a repayment schedule that fits your spending plan.


Lexington Law will swiftly inform you if any data on your credit report changes. Its credit alerts may be able to stop serious harm from being done to your record or quickly detect possible identity theft.

FICO score, TransUnion report 

Your TransUnion credit report and FICO score are accessible to you through Lexington Law's Premier Plus membership. If you are monitoring your progress toward improved credit, it can be helpful to keep track of how your score changes over time and the reason for such changes.

Personal finance management 

Lexington Law’s personal finance manager can assist you if you want to become more adept at long-term money management.

Reducing junk mail

If you didn't shred unwanted mail containing personal information before placing it in the recycling or garbage bin, you might be in danger of identity theft. A feature of Lexington Law's Premier Plus plan reduces the amount of junk mail you get.

Lexington Law's Basic Plans

They provide three different service plan tiers:

Concord Standard Service

The Concord Standard Service package is the most affordable option and covers bureau disputes and creditor interventions. To clear up your bad credit records, Lexington Law will contact your creditors and the three major credit bureaus on your behalf.

Concord Premier Service

Everything offered by the Concord Standard plan is available when you purchase the Concord Premier Service. By upgrading to the Concord Premier plan, you get additional services such as inquiry assistance, score analysis, report watch, and credit alerts. These services will enable you to watch your credit reports and understand your credit score better.

Premier Plus Service

In addition to all the services included in the Concord Standard and Concord Premier plans, the Premier Plus Service plan brings the law firm's full strength to bear. Lexington Law will contact persistent collection agencies on your behalf and send them "cease and desist" letters.

A credit monitoring service with identity theft protection and fraud monitoring is also a part of the Premier Plus Service.

Lexington Law's Fees 

  • Concord Standard Services Fee 

    The basic plan from Lexington Law offers all the credit restoration services many consumers want for a monthly cost of $99.85.

  •  Concord Premier Services Fee
    The Concord Premier plan costs $119.95 per month. It includes continuous credit monitoring and monthly analysis.
  • Premier Plus Services Fee 

    The most comprehensive Lexington Law package, which costs $139.95 per month, offers all the resources you might need for credit repair.

You can also benefit from Lexington Law's family discount if you're on a tight budget. Each family member gets 50% off the first work fee when you sign them up within 72 hours of your initial signup.

Pros & Cons


  • Free consultation offered: You can meet with a designated expert at Lexington Law and receive guidance on the right credit repair service package during a free credit repair appointment.
  • Provides discounts: The first work fees for new clients are discounted by 50%, and there are further savings for family, friends, and military personnel.
  • Insurance for identity theft: Each credit repair package comes with identity theft insurance. Most of Lexington Law's competitors either charge extra for this coverage or don't offer it.
  • Legal Team with experience: The Lexington Law credit repair staff consists of genuine attorneys and paralegals unlike other credit repair businesses. Rest assured that they'll use the proper legal methods to assist you in restoring your credit with the help of qualified experts.
  • Comprehensive educational resources: 

    Lexington Law strives to educate people about credit and how to fix it. On their website under the Credit Help tab are free, in-depth materials on four essential subjects:

    ·   Restoring Credit

    ·   Enhancing Credit

    ·   Developing Credit

    ·   Recognizing Credit 


  • Limited monthly disputes: You will receive 19 disputes in each cycle of 45–60 days with Lexington Law. The number of monthly disputes offered by other credit repair firms is unrestricted
  • No money-back: A few credit repair companies provide a money-back guarantee for a set period, like 90 days. Lexington Law does not offer this assurance.
  • The expense of extra credit report: If you select the Concord Standard plan, Lexington Law will charge you an additional $14.95 per monthly credit report you request. That's a hefty cost for a regular aspect of the repair process, especially since Credit Karma and other applications will even let you see your credit score for free, and the three credit bureaus offer free annual reports.


How much time does it take for credit repair at Lexington Law?

Within four months, Lexington Law removes an average of 10 negative items per client, or 24% of the overall negatives. The time it takes to repair your credit depends on your unique circumstances.

Does Lexington Law provide service on apps?

Lexington Law provides Android and iOS apps for people interested in tracking developments on the go. You can examine your credit score, get alerts on your reports, and more with the help of these applications.

How much will credit repair cost me?

The cost depends on the business and your credit position. While some customers would only need to repair a few inaccuracies, others can require more extensive credit repair services. Each organization has a different payment structure. Some businesses may charge you a monthly cost, a flat price, or a fee for each negative mark.

Credit repair firms are not allowed to bill you until the job specified in your contract is completed. The contract should also mention your freedom to end the agreement without incurring costs.

When would credit repair be helpful?

Credit repair can be helpful when your low credit score prevents you from being approved for a mortgage, car loan, or other lines of credit. Higher interest rates and finance costs frequently apply to people with low credit scores. Aside from lowering the total interest you'll have to pay over time, credit repair can also assist you in qualifying for a reasonable rate.

You can improve your bad credit by repairing it and keeping good monetary practices.

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