Red Rock Secured Review 2024 | Fees, Complaints & More

Securing your assets after retirement is essential for your long-term financial stability. Red Rock Secured focuses on precious metals IRAs and can provide expert guidance on growing your IRA holdings fast.

This review examines the services, costs, advantages, and disadvantages of dealing with Red Rock Secured.

What is Red Rock Secured?

Red Rock Secured is a privately held company situated in Southern California. They claim that their key objectives are to inform customers, offer the best and safest products, and provide excellent customer service, with honesty and integrity as their core values. 

Red Rock Secured provides a variety of investment choices, including debt instruments, private placements, real estate investments, gold, and silver bullion in physical form, and more.

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We have worked very hard to review, research and reveal the most important pieces of information that investors need to know before investing their money. We have been able to narrow a list down to the top 5 gold IRA companies.

I recommend you check the list before proceeding with any IRA transfer.

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Red Rock Secured Reviews

  • BCA Rating: AAA
  • BCA Complaints: 1 (resolved)
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • BBB Complaints: 5 complaints closed in last 3 years 
  • Trustpilot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.8/5) Based on 157 reviews
  • Consumer Affairs: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5.0/5) Ratings - Based on 36 Reviews  
  • Google My Business: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.8/5) Ratings - Based on 123 reviews 

What does Red Rock Secured offer?

Red Rock Secured concentrates on offering its clients precious metals that are acceptable for holding in IRAs.

A small number of items made of palladium, platinum, silver, and gold make up Red Rock Secured's product line. There are no product prices available on the company website.

Their product offerings include American Gold Buffalo, American Gold Eagle, American Silver Eagle, American Palladium Eagle, and American Platinum Eagle. 

Red Rock Secured also offers "junk" silver, typically US coins with 90% silver. 

They describe stocks as "uncertain paper investments" – a possible warning sign. Even though this description is technically true to a small degree, they suggest that precious metals are better investments than equities. In reality, financial professionals recommend allocating a small number of your assets to metals, which can be used as an alternative to fractional silver.

Although precious metals do not offer dividends, they protect you from inflation and stock market declines. Work with a varied portfolio if you want assets that can genuinely provide earnings that support you.

How does Red Rock Secured work? 

The account setting process for a gold IRA is not covered in great detail on the Red Rock Secured website. If you're keen on setting up, they advise you to call them or send them an email.

Red Rock Secured does claim to collaborate with authorized custodial partners. They will assist you in transferring money from your current 401(k) or another retirement account to your precious metals IRA when you start an account.

Free Consultation

To learn more about investing in precious metals, speak with a representative. A one-on-one consultation is free. You'll discover enough to be able to choose whether or not buying silver and gold is a good investment for you.

Transferring assets

You decide which person or company will be in charge of managing your IRA. A Gold IRA rollover is the preferred option for most retired investors.

To complete the rollover, a corporate representative will arrange a tax and penalty-free transfer from your bank.

Convert investments

Choose the precious metals you want to buy for investment. Your transferred assets will be transformed into silver and gold bars or coins by Red Rock Secured.

Dispatch your precious metals

Red Rock Secured transports your investment to a safe storage location covered by Lloyd's of London insurance. You can choose a different facility if you'd like.

Once your account with them is set up, they will assign you an expert to advise you on your investments. After giving you information on the precious metals that can help you achieve your objectives, they will make specific recommendations.

In contrast to regular IRAs handled by investment professionals, a gold IRA is under your control. That implies that no one will be able to alert you if you make a poor investment. Moreover, Red Rock Secured absolves itself from any loss you might suffer from buying precious metals.

Home Delivery and Storage of Gold IRA Metals

Many Red Rock Secured customers arrange for their gold to be kept in high-security, insured facilities built to house precious metals. Every piece of metal you purchase comes with documentation proving ownership. View your silver and gold whenever you wish by visiting the depository.

Red Rock also offers a Home Delivery IRA. You must set up a self-directed IRA inside an LLC (limited liability corporation). If a Home Delivery IRA is the ideal option for attaining your objectives, a representative will assist you in making that decision. The agent will then set up your investment.

Kingdom Trust has joined Red Rock Secured to serve as its IRA custodian. The acclaimed Delaware Depository provides storage. Both segregated and non-segregated storage options are available at this facility, insured by Llyod's of London, one of the oldest insurance businesses in the world. Delaware Depository offers establishments that use the sub-custody services of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Via MAT International in Zurich, Switzerland, for those who want it.

Rates and Fees

The Red Rock Secured website does not list any fees. According to the business, many of its customers are eligible for lifetime zero fees. A $1,500 minimum investment is required. Red Rock Secured transfers its cost savings to its customers.

The company charges storage and custodial costs for every gold IRA. Costs can change based on the business you choose to provide the services. The average storage cost per year is between $125 and $300.

Why should I trust RedRock?

Red Rock Secured is a well-known and reputable precious metals dealer specializing in gold and silver IRAs. While I cannot provide personalized financial advice, I can outline some reasons why someone might choose to trust Red Rock Secured for their gold IRA investment:

  1. Experience: Red Rock Secured has been in the precious metals industry for many years, allowing them to build up expertise in gold and silver IRAs. Their staff includes professionals with years of experience in finance, wealth management, and precious metals investments.

  2. Reputation: Red Rock Secured has a strong reputation within the industry and among its customers. They have received positive reviews and testimonials, as well as accreditation from various organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  3. Transparency: Red Rock Secured is transparent about their fees, processes, and policies. They provide clear information on their website, and their customer service team is available to answer any questions that clients may have.

  4. Security: Red Rock Secured takes the security of their clients' investments seriously. They store precious metals in insured, IRS-approved depositories, ensuring that the assets are protected from theft or damage.

  5. Diversification: By investing in a gold IRA through Red Rock Secured, clients can diversify their investment portfolios, potentially reducing risk and providing a hedge against inflation and economic instability.

  6. Educational Resources: Red Rock Secured provides a wealth of educational materials to help clients make informed decisions about their investments. They offer guides, market insights, and other resources to help clients stay informed about the precious metals market.

  7. Customer Service: Red Rock Secured is known for its excellent customer service, with a dedicated team available to assist clients throughout the investment process.

While these are some reasons why people might trust Red Rock Secured for their gold IRA investment, it is important to conduct your research and consult with a financial advisor to determine whether this investment option is right for you.

Payments Terms of Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Security claims that many of its clients are eligible for lifetime zero fees and does not list any charges on its website.

Before making any purchases as part of your IRA investment strategy, it is crucial to properly evaluate the many precious metals firms that are now accessible. Be mindful of a company's bullion prices, policies, practices, most crucially, storage costs for precious metals, and its general reputation.

Pros and Cons of Red Rock Secured 


  • Numerous options for investing in silver, gold, and other products
  • Long history in the business.
  • Appears to be a legally incorporated company.
  • Investment held in a secure location of your choice.
  • Thrift Savings Plans (TSP) are available
  • Continuous investigation into cutting-edge technology


  • No fee information on the webpage.
  • There are complaints on some websites.


Why invest in a Gold IRA?

For a secure future, you can safely diversify your investments, particularly your retirement portfolio, using a gold IRA. Before the advent of retirement accounts, owning tangible assets like gold was complicated and logistically challenging. Now, it's simpler than ever to open or convert your retirement account to a gold or precious metals IRA. Work with Red Rock Secured to experience one of the safest diversification solutions available to protect your retirement.

Are the Red Rock Secured account agents investment advisors?

Red Rock Secured representatives are not financial or investment counselors. You can though learn about investing in precious metals from these knowledgeable professionals. When customers initially contact a Red Rock agent, many of them have no prior knowledge of these investments. Staff members explain guidelines and answer questions carefully, according to reviews.

Does Red Rock Secured have a program for buying back gold?

Yes. Red Rock Secured provides a precious metals buy-back program with no questions asked. The company will buy your investment in gold or silver if you need to sell it quickly and won't charge you any fees.

How do Gold IRAs work?

For a secure future, you can safely diversify your investments, particularly your retirement portfolio. In the past, it was complex and logistically challenging to own tangible assets like gold as part of a retirement account. Now it's simpler than ever to open or convert your retirement account to a Gold or precious metals IRA. Reliable companies can help you preserve your retirement plans and choose safe diversification solutions.

For your retirement, there are numerous ways to acquire actual gold. You can first invest your hard-earned money just like in a standard IRA or ROTH IRA. To avoid fees and taxes and diversify your current retirement portfolio, you can also "roll over" or transfer some or all of the money from an existing IRA, 401k, employer 410k, or other retirement accounts.

What kind of Coins and Precious Metals are IRS Approved?

Because gold is a hedge against inflation, it is a more desirable investment when prices soar. The of value gold increases as the cost of the US dollar decreases. More people are resorting to gold investments because of the latent inflationary anxieties that have returned due to the current state of the global financial system.

The kinds of precious metals and coins you can purchase with your IRA assets are in Internal Revenue Code Section 408(m). These consist of:

Coins that are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Or any other coin produced under state law

Bullion of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium of a fineness meeting or exceeding the minimum fineness required. It’s true if the bullion is in the trustee's actual possession. THERE’S SOMETHING OFF WITH THESE TWO SENTENCES – MAYBE THEY’RE LACKING SOME WORDS. PLEASE ASK THE WRITER TO REVIEW AND REVISE ACCORDINGLY.

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