SuperMoney Personal Loans Review 2024

If you're searching for a personal loan and want to compare offers, SuperMoney Personal Loans is perfect for you.

What is SuperMoney Personal Loan?

SuperMoney is an online platform that allows you to evaluate loan and tax relief options from various businesses. Since its inception in 2013, the company has evolved into an online market that connects customers with lending products. SuperMoney lets you browse for funding tools tailored to your specific requirements. One of their most preferred services is student loan refinancing.

What services does SuperMoney offer?

The SuperMoney platform offers a wide range of financial products and services. While only a few services are featured on the site's main page, you can access the complete list once you click on the service you need. You can then open the navigation menu to compare loan offers.

SuperMoney's loan matching service works directly with lenders to help borrowers with a wide range of credit scores. Its simplified application process allows you to view the loan programs you might be eligible for when the process gets done. Moreover, your credit score is not affected until you complete the application.

SuperMoney offers the following multiple loan services:

  • Auto Loans
  • Auto Loan Refinancing
  • Business Loans
  • Personal Lines of Credit
  • Personal Loans
  • Private Student Loans
  • Student Loan Refinancing

They also offer:

  • Business credit cards, personal credit cards, and prepaid cards
  • Mortgage services such as mortgage refinance, home equity loans, home purchase mortgages, and shared equity agreements.
  • Banking services including checking accounts, savings accounts, CD accounts, etc.

The most popular services in the SuperMoney platform are student loans and auto loans.

Since SuperMoney functions with multiple quality lenders, you'll only have to meet a few criteria to apply. A minimum credit score of 600 is required to qualify.

How does SuperMoney work?

Steps to follow

Follow these instructions when you are ready to compare loan alternatives:

  • Step 1:

    Visit the SuperMoney website and click the button to be directed to the online form.

  • Step 2: 
    Select the kind of loan you need. If it is a car loan, decide on the make of the model you desire.
  • Step 3:

    Enter the loan amount you require and your estimated credit score.

  • Step 4: 

    Choose your employment status, annual income, the number of times you get paid, and payment method.

  • Step 5: 

    Indicate whether you have a checking account, if you rent or own a home, and enter your address.

  • Step 6: 

    Enter your full name, birth date, email address, and phone number. Then choose your military or residency status.

  • Step 7: 

    Input your personal Social Security number and tap "Review Your Answers" to confirm that the information is accurate.

  • Step 8: 

    After completing the form, read SuperMoney's terms and conditions before submitting your application.

Information you need to provide

  • Loan type (Auto Loans, Auto Loan Refinancing, Business Loans, Personal Lines of Credit, Personal Loans, Private Student Loans. Student Loan Refinancing).
  • Specifics (if auto loan: design, model, year, mileage, etc.)
  • Amount/Price and the down paymentlement
  • Credit score approximate.
  • Educational qualification (e.g., high school, master's, bachelors.)
  • Employment scenario (e.g., working full-time, self-employed, part-time, etc.)
  • Annual pre-tax income, payment frequency (e.g., bi-weekly, monthly.)
  • Payment system (e.g., direct deposit, payroll check.)
  • Details regarding home/property ownership (e.g., own with a mortgage, own without a mortgage, rental) and monthly payment amount.
  • Personal details such as your name, birth date, email, phone number, and home address.
  • Details about military service, if applicable (a few lenders offer discounts to veterans and service personnel)
  • Resident status (US citizen, US resident, or non-resident status.)
  • Your Social Security Number.


While nothing is required to fill out SuperMoney's pre-qualification form, you will most likely need to provide the following information when applying with a lender:

  • Income documentation such as pay stubs. You can also include a benefits letter.
  • Address validation. Typically, your bills and other mail will be enough.
  • Your bank account details such as your bank's routing number and bank account number.


To view your loan offers, you might need to create an account. Examine your choices and see if any of them pique your interest. SuperMoney will direct you to the lender's website where you can complete the online application. SuperMoney is not a direct lender.

However, it does assist users in becoming pre-qualified. Because SuperMoney is a marketplace, you could use this to get pre-qualified prices from various lenders using a single form. The overall process takes just a few minutes to complete.

What are the rates and fees of SuperMoney?

The website says that loans are available for up to $100,000 and that APR starts at 5.49% and can reach 35.99%. However, it is highly improbable that you might cut this 'starts at' rate. The precise APR is determined by many factors, such as credit score, payment history, annual income, and existing loan amount. Loan terms range from 12 to 84 months.

What are the repayment terms of SuperMoney?

SuperMoney includes a free-to-use comparative service with no hidden fees. Applicants are not charged origination fees, service charges, or penalty fees. Nevertheless, to get the correct rates and terms, you must apply. When you receive offers, you can then compare loan amounts and terms.

SuperMoney compels lenders to stay competitive so they can get borrowers' attention. Lenders offer reasonable rates and, sometimes, additional benefits like no origination or prepayment charges.

What are the pros and cons of SuperMoney?


  • You can easily compare multiple financial products.
  • Prequalifying will not affect your credit.
  • Credit scores as low as 600 are accepted.
  • Comparing prices is a fantastic way to save money.
  • Special personalized offers.
  • Professional experts and user feedback in one place.
  • Educational content that is simple to grasp.


  • SuperMoney doesn't directly provide financial services.
  • You may have difficulty finding certain content on the site.


What tools does SuperMoney provide?

SuperMoney provides many tools to help you find the right financial services and products.

  • Calculators help you estimate the total loan cost and monthly payments.
  • Marketplaces. There are multiple financial services firms. SuperMoney brings them all together so you can compare your options.
  • The best advice. SuperMoney provides guides to assist you in locating the best company.
  • Content such as easy-to-understand articles on financial management topics.
  • Transparency. SuperMoney allows users to rate the businesses it lists. These reviews provide information about the offers before you commit.
  • Unique offers. Tell SuperMoney what you require, and SuperMoney will automatically connect you with businesses that can best meet your needs.

Who should use SuperMoney student loans?

SuperMoney is for individuals currently making payments on a student loan and want to close their loan or lower the monthly payment amount. They will help you find a lender aligned with your financial goals and teach you how to identify the right one.

You can benefit from lower rates if you replace your current student loan with one from SuperMoney's marketplace of lenders. Moreover, because you decided to take your first loan to apply to college, you likely had a relatively low credit score, hence a comparatively high APR on your loan. Many college graduates have better credit scores later in life and can use those scores to get better loan offers. If this describes you, apply to SuperMoney and check out what their lenders have to offer.

How does SuperMoney compare to other marketplaces?

SuperMoney compares favorably to other top auto loan marketplaces. It’s compatible with many auto loan options, such as purchase loans, refinancing, and leasing. Its lenders offer loans with several credit scores, loan amounts, and loan terms. SuperMoney, like some other marketplaces, urges lenders to stay competitive in the interest of borrowers. Therefore, its lenders offer competitive rates and sometimes a few benefits.

Is SuperMoney a credible option?

Do your own research before taking out a personal loan, as you would with any other financial decision. You should weigh all your alternatives to ensure you get the right deal.

Where personal loans are concerned, SuperMoney has a high success rate and positive customer feedback. Their marketplace offers a variety of loan options, allowing you to find one that meets your requirements while remaining within your budget. SuperMoney is a legitimate company with a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 based on 340 customer reviews.

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