Credit Saint Review 2022 | Fees, Complaints & More

If charge-offs, late payments, and negative entries impact your credit score, Credit Saint can help eliminate erroneous information on your credit report thereby improving your credit score.

This review covers Credit Saint's plans, fees, and more to help you decide if the company is the right choice.

Background of the Company

Saddle Brook, New Jersey-based Credit Saint was established in 2007 by Ross LaPietra, a pioneer in the industry. Its mission is to educate people about credit and how to boost their credit scores. The company is known for introducing the first full refund policy.

Credit Saint's Reputation, Complaints & Ratings

Credit Saint's more laudable achievements are:

  •  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation with an A rating
  • The Trustpilot score is 4.2/5 
  • They have a superb 4.9/5 rating on Consumer Affairs

Most users on the BBB website expressed satisfaction. One customer claimed Credit Saint's removal of collections and late payments increased their score by 60 points. Another reported a 200-point increase in their credit score. A client on Consumer Affairs said they got their apartment after six months because of Credit Saint.

However, not every client was content.A recent search on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau database turned up one complaint from 2022 that criticizes Credit Saint's credit repair solutions.

What credit repair services do they offer? 

Credit Saint disputes the following negative marks on your credit record:

  • Delayed payments
  • Charge-offs
  • Collections
  • Identity theft
  • Insolvency/bankruptcy
  • Foreclosures
  • Rulings
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Inquiries

An individual client's credit report is unlikely to contain all these marks. As such, Credit Saint provides three packages to meet different credit recovery needs.

Apart from assisting with the removal of the faulty elements from your credit report, Credit Saint services include:

Debt verification process

This process relates to your right to ask the debt collector to confirm your debt. This request is made within 30 days of receiving a debt collection notice to ensure that your rights under the "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act" are honored. The collector must halt all collection efforts until they reply to your debt validation letter. You might only get a written acknowledgment that you owe the money, or you might get more aggressive collection efforts. So, carefully consider your options and pay attention to Credit Saint's consultant.

Information requests escalated

Following the denial of a credit dispute, these requests are initiated. The requests inform your creditors that you are thinking about involving the authorities. Escalated information requests involve a lot of facts, and the overall process can be time-consuming. No need to worry: Credit Saint does the heavy lifting for you.

Access online

Credit Saint provides a practical approach to monitoring the status of your credit repair. The Credit Saint online account page makes all your progress updates and comprehensive evaluations available.

Toll-free assistance

It takes more than just removing negative information to guarantee a spotless credit report. Besides, you need to establish a solid credit history. The experts at Credit Saint assist you in learning what actions you may take on your own to raise your credit score.

Free consultation without obligation

Before you make any purchases, Credit Saint examines your credit reports, which it obtains at no cost to you, and advises you on the best course of action. You can opt to pay for professional credit repair services or attempt the suggested actions by yourself.

Experian score tracker for free

You may track your credit score with the tool from Experian, one of the three credit reporting bureaus.


Credit Saint handles complaints with the three credit agencies rather than specific debtors, unlike its rivals. Its Clean Slate package offers unlimited credit bureau disputes compared to its lower-tier packages. 

The Credit Saint website does not disclose the number of disputes for each plan.

Credit monitoring and score analysis

Customers who sign up receive a thorough credit analysis with tips. With Credit Saint, you will receive a credit monitoring account.


Credit Saint customers will be able to follow their inquiries as part of the company’s Credit Remodel and Clean Slate products. It doesn't give many details regarding its inquiry tracking services, but this service likely entails monitoring credit queries submitted to the credit bureaus.

Insurance for identity theft

A company representative claims that Credit Saint provides identity theft insurance for a fee. However, there are few specifics available regarding the coverage or cost.

Credit Saint's Basic Plans

Three credit repair plans are available from Credit Saint.

Credit Polish

A free score tracker, access to Credit Saint's toll-free service, and a medium degree of credit restoration aggressiveness are all included in the Credit Polish plan. It challenges collections, liens, judgments, charge-offs, and other issues.

Here is a brief list of the package inclusions:

  • Issues with three credit bureaus
  • Credit score evaluation
  • Interventions with creditors
  • Monitoring your credit score
Credit Remodel

The Credit Remodel package is a more aggressive service bundle than the Credit Polish package. Credit score inquiries are removed from your credit report, and the Experian score tracker is available.

The following services are a part of this credit repair plan:

  • Issues with three credit bureaus
  • Assessment of credit scores
  • Creditor interventions
  • Monitoring credit scores
  • Targeting of inquiries
  • Experian credit tracking
Clean Slate

Clean Slate is the most expensive option, but its cost is reasonable because this is an aggressive plan.

The pricing scheme includes the following services:

  • Unlimited issues at the three credit bureaus
  • Credit score evaluation
  • Creditor intervention
  • Monitoring your credit score
  • Targeted inquiries
  • Score tracking with Experian


Credit Saint offers three credit repair plans, as indicated earlier. Each has a different monthly cost and package of services. 

There is a 90-day money-back guarantee included with all three packages.

  • Credit Polish: 

    The most affordable service, costing $79.99 monthly, plus $99 for the first work fee.

  • Credit Remodel:
    Credit Saint's credit repair services are available for a monthly price of $99.99 with the Credit Remodel package, and the first work fee of $99 is still applicable.
  • Clean Slate: 

    The top-priced package has a $119.99 monthly fee, which is expensive but predictable for the most aggressive plan. The Credit Saint first work price increases to $195 with the Clean Slate plan.

Pros & Cons


  • Guaranteed 90-day money-back:Credit Saint may offer you a full refund if you don't see wrong or suspicious information erased from your credit reports within 90 days.
  • Service Speed: Credit Saint performs a clean-up process on your credit reports within a 45-day cycle. You'll get three credit reports to keep track of Credit Saint's advancements between cycles.
  • Dashboard online for monitoring: You don't need to wait or call someone if you're interested in Credit Saint's performance. You may track the progress of the Credit Saint consultants as they work on repairing your credit.
  •  Free credit repair consultation: New customers can take advantage of Credit Saint's free credit repair consultation to help them determine which package is best for them.
  • The choice to cancel at any time: Unlike some rivals who have complex cancellation guidelines, Credit Saint provides you the freedom to end your subscription whenever you want.


  • Doesn't dispute with creditors: Credit Saint files disputes with the major credit bureaus rather than writing dispute letters to creditors. Some rivals engage in both methods.
  • First work begins five days after you enroll: The Credit Saint team will begin working on your account five days after you enroll for a package. If you're in urgent financial trouble, that may be a long time to wait. However, this isn't really a drawback because credit repair is a process that requires a while to complete.
  • High work fees: The first work fee for Credit Saint is a steep $99 for its entry-level products and $195 for its top-tier solutions. These costs are higher than those of their counterparts.


How does Credit Saint help you improve your credit?

Your case is assigned to a personal advisory team that works to eliminate any false or unfavorable information on your credit report thereby helping improve your credit. All through the process, your advisory team keeps in touch to keep you up-to-date and provide advice on how you can establish a better credit history.

How quickly can Credit Saint repair your credit?

Credit repair is a drawn-out process that involves many aspects.

Nevertheless, you should notice benefits within 45 days. It's also worth noting that Credit Saint has a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don't see improvement in your bad credit during the first three months.

What are the chances of credit repair working?

Credit repair is effective, but there are no promises or quick fixes. Building a solid credit history and improving your credit score takes time. Consider using a credit repair business that provides a free credit consultation, like Credit Saint. Meanwhile, manage your finances sensibly to boost your likelihood of success.

Is Credit Saint a reliable company?

Credit Saint has good scores overall and few complaints. It has more than 15 years of experience in credit repair and equips you with tools and knowledge to keep your credit score clean. After your credit is rebuilt, Credit Saint continues to assist you in maintaining it. 

But don't expect miracles overnight. There may not be much a credit repair service can do to remove a bad mark, but there is no harm in trying. Be sure to do research and due diligence before making a decision.

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