The Credit People Review 2022 | Fees, Complaints & More

If you want to start repairing your credit score but are hesitant to pay a monthly fee, The Credit People is a feasible alternative.

Continue reading to find out how this credit repair service can assist you in cleaning up your credit scores. Learn about their services, client reviews, prices, plans, and other important details.

Company background 

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Credit People was founded in 2001 by Darrell Stanfield and Scott Elhenicky. It has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, and USA Today. With its affordable rates and services with clear objectives, the company has over 100,000 satisfied customers to date.

The Credit People: Reputation, Complaints & Ratings

The Credit People has mixed reviews. They have a score of 2.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot though these are only a few reviews. Recent reviewers disparage the lack of a refund and the subpar results. The company received a 3.8/5 rating on Consumer Affairs.

The Credit People received more than 69 complaints through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Customers criticized the lack of efficiency of services and the high costs and slow customer support.

Be cautious and thoroughly read the fine print before signing up for any credit repair firm.

  • Best Company: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.4/5) Based on 325 reviews
  • Consumer Affairs: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (3.8/5) Ratings - Based on 13 reviews
  • Trustpilot ⭐⭐⭐ (2.8/5) Based on 3 reviews
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - 69 complaints
  •  Investopedia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.3/5)  

What credit repair services do they offer? 

The Credit People can help you improve your credit score. Customers can usually anticipate results in 60 days or less.

These are the services of The Credit People:

  • Credit reports and ratings free
  • 24/7 access to your account
  • Handle unlimited disputes
  • Validate debts
  • Escalate disputes
  • Communicate with creditors
  • Personalized credit priorities

Many credit repair businesses claim to provide free credit reports and scores, but very few actually do. 

As one of the best credit repair services, The Credit People price plans include these services, implying that you will get assistance with any credit-related issues.

More than just credit reports 

The Credit People may help you in many ways, including lowering your interest rates, assuring your employers that you are improving your credit, and erasing inaccurate or wrong information from your credit reports.

24/7 account accessibility

The Credit People's online dashboard assists you, so you won't have to wonder about any updates made to your credit reports.

Unlimited disputes

The Credit People's complete cleanup can help you get rid of:      

  • Delayed payments
  •  Collections
  • Charge-offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosure
  • Identity theft
  •  Education loan
  • Judgments
Debt verification

You can exercise your right to ask your creditor for documentation proving that you are liable for a debt within 30 days of the creditor's first communication with you. If grounds for validation exist after reviewing your issue, The Credit People will send a debt verification letter to your creditor on your behalf.

Contact with creditors

Spending time on the phone with your creditors while you're dealing with financial problems is the last thing you want to do. You can trust The Credit People to speak to your creditors on your behalf if you don't want to pick up the phone.

Personalized credit priorities

If you want success, credit repair plans need to be customized to your specific needs. The Credit People experts can do this.

Ramping up disputes

Since the initial investigations of the three credit bureaus aren't thorough, The Credit People can assist you in taking disputes to the next level by sending you additional evidence to support your claims.

More free services

Other free options are also available as part of The Credit People's credit restoration services. These include:

Free consulting

Once you sign up, you can speak with a professional over the phone about your credit report and credit score.

Credit tracking

Through your online account with The Credit People, you can monitor your credit.

Money-back guarantee

If you aren't happy, you can cancel whenever you wish and get a refund of both the current month's fee and the monthly payment.

Educational resources

The Credit People resource center includes articles, videos, infographics, and other materials. The information on this website is educational and written in the same lighthearted manner as the rest of the site content.

Downloadable manual

After you provide your name and email ID, you will receive a free copy of the "Secrets to Great Credit" handbook. It covers explanations of credit reports and scores, strategies employed by the best credit repair businesses, and even a few action plans for people who want to attempt credit repair themselves.

The Credit People Basic Plans

The Credit People's competitive pricing is its key selling feature. In addition to these benefits, this credit restoration service provides a satisfaction guarantee. You have two choices:

  • Monthly: Paid per month
  • Flat fee: Paid every six months
Couples discount

If you thought the costs couldn't possibly get any lower, it’s astonishing to discover The Credit People's discount for couples. Don’t worry if you were unable to take advantage of this offer after signing up; you'll have three days to avail of it. Remember that this discount is only available to clients who choose the monthly package.

No extra charges

Undoubtedly, The Credit People offers the best value in the credit repair industry. Customers understand that what they see is what they get. Unlike other credit repair businesses, The Credit People does not charge extra for services required for the credit repair process.

The Credit People Credit Fees

A free seven-day trial is available from The Credit People. If you choose to subscribe after the trial period has ended, you have two choices:

  • Monthly 

    You pay a one-time first-work cost of $19 and a subsequent monthly fee of $79.

  • Flat-rate:

    Six months of service costs $419, or approximately $70 per month. There is no monthly setup fee.

    Couples are entitled to a $20 discount. Upon placing your order, your spouse must join within three days to be eligible.

    Yes, there is a satisfaction guarantee with The Credit People. If you're on the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time, and The Credit People will give you a refund for both the current and previous months. You have a full six-month warranty if you're on the flat-fee plan.

What we like about The Credit People

Free trial for seven days

The first seven days of using The Credit People's services are free, so you can decide if they're good for you. Free credit counseling and monitoring services are part of your trial.

Assured service

You can cancel at any point without incurring any charges. They will reimburse the current month's and the previous month's fees for customers on the monthly plan.

Couples get discounts

Both you and your spouse will receive $20 off of your first payment if you sign up within three days of ordering.

Quick Service

According to customers who have used The Credit People in the past and current customers, in most cases they saw benefits within the first 45–60 days.

What we dislike about The Credit People 

High-priced flat-rate system

Monthly and flat-rate plans are available through The Credit People. That said, flat-rate plans are one-time costs that do not include extra services or benefits. The costly flat-rate plan is unnecessary for most people.

Limited customer support

It does not offer 24/7 customer care, and there is no mobile app or online chat option. Instead, customers must contact The Credit People via phone or email.

No other add-ons

The company provides one basic suite of products; there are no optional add-ons, unlike some businesses that offer extra features like identity theft insurance.


Can you pay to fix your credit?

You certainly can. You might need to conduct some research to choose the best credit repair service. Do a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis before taking any action. The last thing you need is additional charges if you're looking to improve your credit scores while you're in a tough financial spot. The Credit People pricing package is one of the lowest in the industry.

What is the best way to fix a person's credit?

To begin repairing someone's credit, you must first analyze their credit reports and challenge any wrong or unfavorable information. After the first few steps, things get more complicated, and some issues may even have negative consequences if handled poorly. Hence, your best course of action might be to use a skilled credit repair consulting business.

Is there a guarantee provided by The Credit People?

Yes, they provide a full guarantee for their credit repair services. The Credit People have made their credit repair service risk-free and fully promise your success. If you choose the month-to-month credit repair plan, you won't be charged for that particular month of service.

You can rest assured that you won't ever have to pay for something you don't like. You have a six-month money-back guarantee if you use the flat-fee service.

What items on my credit report can get deleted?

Bankruptcy, student loans, late payments, hard inquiries, paid collections, charge-offs, and other blemishes can be erased. It’s possible to delete any of these items, although nothing is guaranteed.

Are The Credit People trustworthy?

Yes, The Credit People is a trustworthy organization that works with FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) certified representatives. They help you to restore your credit. You should consider them if you need to raise your credit score and can afford their monthly fees.

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