Credit Assistance Network Review 2022 | Fees, Complaints & More

The Credit Assistance Network is not like traditional credit repair providers. They offer additional benefits such as identity protection, budgeting tools, and lines of credit, among others. Read on to learn more about the company’s services, fees, and other important details. 

Company Background

Started in 2004 by a group of debt, credit, and financial experts, Credit Assistance Network decided to put a spin on the conventional credit repair services. The company claims to strictly focus on legally sound methods to shield their customers from awkward situations. Credit Assistance Network is a small company that uses another provider, The Credit Pros, to take care of their clients’ credit repair and restoration needs.

Reputation, Complaints & Ratings

There is not a lot of information available on the customer service history and reputation of Credit Assistance Network. There are no accounts on TrustPilot, and no complaints on CFPB either. This doesn’t say much about the company’s reputation.

There are 76 customer reviews on TrustLink amounting to a 4.5/5 rating. Most of the posted links were broken and the available reviews are seven years and older. Credit Assistance Network doesn’t seem to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau even though their website claims an A+ rating. These facts when taken together are concerning.

What Credit Repair Services Do They Offer?

You can choose between a combination of services from the Credit Assistance Network. They offer more than basic credit repair service. They can help you with credit monitoring, ID cover protection, financial management tips, and more. The company has partnered with other companies to provide clients with a comprehensive set of financial management tools. 

You get access to budgeting tools, bill reminders, identity monitoring and credit repair besides pharmacy discounts and line of credit options.

Credit Assistance Network offers the following services:

Credit Monitoring

You can monitor your credit reports from TransUnion credit bureau through the Credit Assistance Network. You cannot access your credit scores on Experian and Equifax though.

Credit Restoration

This service is provided through The Credit Pros. It includes credit bureau disputes.

Debt Validation

The Credit Assistance Network will send letters to your creditors regarding debt validation. The debt has to be removed from the credit report if a creditor is unable to prove the debt is active and that it is indeed yours. Collection agencies view this step as an attempt to escape the debt and may consequently step up their collection efforts.

Credit Coaching

One-on-one sessions are offered through FICO professionals. The majority of credit repair companies offer this service as an additional option. You don’t need to pay anything extra to avail this service from the Credit Assistance Network.

Progress Updates

You would naturally want to know what you are paying for. Credit Assistance Network sends email alerts every 30 days to inform clients about every single detail. You can upload the emails to your online profile and have 24/7 access to them.

Optional Services

There include lines of credit, credit tradelines, and pharmacy discounts available depending on the level of service chosen.

  • Additional Services 

    There are a few more services on offer if you choose the right plan. These include settlement offers, identity theft resolution, and security clearance assistance. You can request these add-ons or these may be recommended by the advisor depending on your individual case.

    Debt settlement is an agreement between the borrower and lender. It allows for the debt to be settled by paying a lump sum. Credit Assistance Network can negotiate on your behalf. They will also send the debt settlement proposal. Bad credit can be the result of identity theft as well. This is a tricky problem to fix and is best left to the professionals.
    Security clearance assistance is another important service offered by Credit Assistance Network. This feature may sound complicated, but it’s an integral part of the credit repair program. You can get a squeaky-clean credit report by following the suggestions made by the company.

Other Features

Credit Assistance Network is among the few credit repair companies that offer in-depth and useful educational materials. This is in the form of articles, blog posts, and calculators. You also get a free credit analysis. A representative will work with you to analyze your credit reports and outline an improvement plan.

Basic Plans

There are three plans on offer – Money Management, Prosperity, and Success. You don’t need to sign any long-term contracts with the company. These plans are on a monthly basis. You can cancel the membership to get a full refund depending on the state you live in. However, you would need to take this step within 3-5 days.

These are the different services offered as part of the plans:

Money Management

You get the most basic services as part of this plan, including full credit report, credit monitoring, DarkWeb monitoring, ID protection, Social Network Monitoring, Pay-day monitoring, bill reminders, financial manager, and budgeting system.

Prosperity Package

This is the second-tier plan on offer. It includes everything that is part of the Money Management plan. You also get to avail the credit repair feature offered by The Credit Pros.

Success Package

This is the most comprehensive package and includes all services. You can avail an additional line of credit from Hutton Chase worth $1,500.

Credit Assistance Network Fees

There are different rates for the different tiers of service you choose. The monthly fee varies quite a bit. The cheapest package is the Money Management plan at $49 a month. Prosperity Package is available at $119 a month. The costliest and the most comprehensive package is the Success Package at $149.

I called the customer service and was told that there is also a first-work fee of $149, an important piece of information not posted on the Credit Assistance Network website. These prices cannot be considered low on any account. On the other hand, the guarantee offered by the company seems fair.

What I like about Credit Assistance Network?

The turnaround time claimed by the Credit Assistance Network is typically 30 days, which is also a factor of the response time of the credit bureaus. During this period, you can expect them to send at least 15 dispute letters on your behalf. Credit Assistance Network is straightforward in their promise. They don’t make any tall claims. They let their customers know that it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for the company to significantly boost your credit score.

Another aspect I liked was that the company offers free credit reviews courtesy of The Credit Pros which handles their credit repair side of the business. With this feature, you’ll know whether you are a likely candidate for credit repair or not without having to pay the one-time work fee or buy a membership. There is a 90-day money back guarantee. You can cancel the membership during this period for a full refund if you are not happy with the services.

What I Do Not Like About Credit Assistance Network?

A major deterrent is that the company is not a direct provider. They work with other companies to provide the services on offer. It’s difficult to understand why anyone would want to use Credit Assistance Network as a middleman. There is scant information about their customer service as well. This may make potential customers wary of signing up.

You should know that the Credit Assistance Network offers credit monitoring only for TransUnion. This is a major drawback since your credit reports are affected by all three credit bureaus, including Experian and Equifax. Lack of reviews and an outdated website are a few more concerning factors.


How Do I Sign Up With the Credit Assistance Network?

It takes a few minutes to complete the enrollment process. You need to follow online instructions to sign their agreement. You also have to send your ID and credit reports. A specialist will call to discuss your situation and goals for drafting an aggressive plan of action.

How Can I Track My Credit Repair Progress?

Credit Assistance Network sends an email containing the progress made on your credit reports every 30 days. You will find everything you need to know under the “Investigation Results” tab.

Will Credit Assistance Network Help Me Build Credit?

The company claims that their experts can strategically guide you in creating new credit. It’s critical to start with revolving and installment trade lines. This is why they offer a guaranteed $1,500 line of credit from the Hutton Chase Department Store as part of the Success Package.

Does Credit Assistance Network offer Any Guarantees?

While the company backs their services 100%, they don’t offer any guarantees. The company website claims that with time and persistence they can have the majority of harmful items deleted. They do offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with their services.

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