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Technical Corrections Could Fix Problems with IBR and PSLF

Earlier this year, we - along with more than 1,500 borrowers - called on the Department of Education to fix several serious problems with the draftregulations for Income-Based Repayment (IBR) and Public Service LoanForgiveness (PSLF).  The Department declined, so we have now asked Congress to make these necessary changes through technical corrections.

  • Fix the "double-counting" penalty for married borrowers in IBR
  • Provide timely confirmation of eligible employment for PSLF
  • Ensure that all borrowers with high debt burdens are eligible for IBR

Formore information on these problems and their solutions, read the letter outlining our proposed technical corrections.

We've already received word that the leader of the House education committee is committed to ensuring that IBR and PSLF work as intended. We'll keep you posted about any new developments.

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  (This message was sent to the IBRinfo mailing list on December 17, 2008.) 

Income-Based Repayment and Pay As You Earn are two ways to help keep monthly payments affordable based on your income and family size. Visit the Department of Education’s Repayment Estimator to find out what your payments might be.

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